The Adventures Begins

From the minute you arrive, you’re welcomed with smiles. Right away you’ll feel our passion for what we do. You’ll notice the attention to detail and appreciate the facilities cleanliness. From all the safety gear provided, to the top-of-the-line performance, and finally the amazing trails, best described as a roller coaster, all tie together to make the Ultimate Adventure!

  • Plan to arrive a little early (about 20 minutes). Get checked-in, take a look around, and check out the machines. Remember to dress according to the current weather conditions. Please note* This is not a slow sightseeing tour. It’s an Extreme Off-Road Adventure. 

Safety First! guides will show how things work around, and you receive your safety gear, the excitement starts building! Next, you load up and get strapped in, as you orient yourself with the vehicle controls. Finally, when the engine roars to life, your eyes widen and adrenaline starts to rise! After a short test lap, you’re feeling confident, “You’ve Got This!”


The Adventure Begins! As you step on the gas, we start twisting through the Chocolate Hills. We start out easy, until everyone gets comfortable operating their ATV's & BugCar's . Along the way you can also try Chocolate Hills famous Buku Juice (Coconut Juice). Farmers planting rice (only on planting season), also have chance to climb steps to the chocolate hills viewing point to capture the best scenic view of Chocolate Hills and able to get chance to say Hi! to some buffalo's along your ride.

  • There is actually a rhythm to the ride. From slow technical rock crawling, to bursts of speed on straight-ways. It’s all planned to keep the excitement to the max and your adrenaline in check. While pushing the vehicles to their limits, and using them as intended, you’ll appreciate the capabilities and durability!


As the group crosses the finish line, and cruises back into lounges, we park and unload. Everyone is pumped up, sharing their experiences. This is a great photo opportunity! You’ll get a cold water and have a chance to cleanup and get snacks and beverages for addition cost if needed. Return your safety gear. Maybe take look at our souvenir store and grab a t-shirt or souvenir to remember the great moment? Remember! our team will help you to catch all your great movements while you at it. 

Tips are always appreciated!


Thanks for Coming!

As you drive away, you still can’t wipe the smile off your face. With your adrenaline levels returning to normal, you start to realize, that just might have been the most fun you’ve ever had! Whether you drive solo, or bring a friend or 2, (or twenty!) You can be assured to have an excellent time at Graham ATV Rentals!